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Aluminum Foil Food Packaging

StudioPak has been a Number One national manufacturer of food foil containers since 2006. This is exactly the positioning of the company in the Ukrainian market. We can only add that StudioPak is the first and largest national manufacturer of food foil forms.

In 2003, StudioPak was the first to open an aluminum foil package for the Ukrainian market. Imports were from Italy. In the crisis year of 2008, it was decided to launch its own production. The focus of the team, the demand for the product and Italian technology gave the brand a new life. The main product portfolio of the company consists of wrinkled trays, they are also called: aluminum molds, molds, Eastern-cake forms, trays, foil trays or aluminum foil food packaging. Aluminum containers have a multi-vector application and are used not only for food packaging. There are generally 5 main ways to use them:

To order and buy aluminum foil food packaging wholesale from the manufacturer, please call by phone or write in any form on this site. We are sure that the packaging of food aluminum foil is the future! This confidence is based on the properties of aluminum due to which it is an environmentally friendly material safe for human health, food in it and the environment because it is 100% completely recyclable. Aluminum can be recycled an unlimited number of times that makes it the most popular raw material in the future renewable economy. Eco-friendly packaging made of food-grade aluminum foil is ideal for:

Thus, StudioPak products are a comprehensive modern solution that can cover any needs related to cooking, packaging and storage of food from private households to HORECA enterprises and large food producers including the use of shock freezing technologies.

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