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New form for pizza

The long-awaited novelty from StudioPak is the form SPT72G especially for pizza. At the same time it is convenient packing and a disposable baking sheet.

Internal diameter of the form is 30 cm for standard size pizza. Manufacturers of pizza semi-finished products choose foil packaging from StudioPak because it adds value to their product. Buyers do not need to transfer the pizza to the baking tray to cook it in the oven, just remove the wrapper and put the pizza in the oven in the form of SPT72G from StudioPak.

Form SPT72G as well as other forms from StudioPak:

  • Thermally conductive - aluminum heats up quickly and evenly, so the pizza is perfectly baked;
  • Safe - withstands high temperatures without emitting harmful substances;
  • Has a special coating - so the pizza won't stick to its surface or burn;
  • Saves time - Doesn't require washing after use.

When designing the mold, our specialists added additional stiffeners to the design, which makes the mold strong, even when fully loaded. Now we are working on creating kits, where there will be 2-3 pieces. SPT72G forms, which can be purchased on supermarket shelves for home-made pizza in a perfectly round shape.


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