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Food foil containers in Brussels

Food foil containers in Brussels are the optimal solution for any business today, no matter how large or small it would be. You know very well that the word "plastic" has become toxic in Europe, no one advertises that they use plastic containers for food packaging, and even if they use them, they are thinking about switching to another, more environmentally friendly type of packaging. A lot of research at industry research centers in West Germany, which can be found at this link, is devoted to the application of aluminum packaging for food. It has long been proven that aluminum is absolutely safe for health, and it is also an ideal material for the new renewable economy.


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Wholesale aluminum containers in Brussels

You can buy aluminum containers in bulk in Brussels by ordering them from Ukraine, here the production of such food packaging is cheaper, and the quality is at the level of the best Italian manufacturers. Returning to the topic of environmentally friendly food packaging, it is worth saying that it is not only safe for human health, food that is packed in it, the environment, but also incredibly functional. Aluminum molds in Belgium can be used to:

  • packaging of food products, their further transportation and storage for some time;
  • cooking food in them on the stove, in the microwave oven and even over an open fire;
  • freezing and long-term storage of food in the refrigerator, freezer or even in the pantry;
  • serving or using aluminum molds as utensils, it is usually very convenient on the road or outdoors, sometimes in a hotel.

The most popular aluminum molds in Brussels


(520/320 ml, 225x180x30 mm)

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(135 ml, 90x38 mm)

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(1300 ml, 218x153x55 mm)

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Aluminum containers, or as they are also called aluminum molds, are the best packaging for HORECA, the best disposable utensils for baking and storing meals at home and the best packaging solution for manufacturers of chilled semi-finished and semi-finished products with a high degree of readiness. Food grade aluminum foil containers look beautiful, add value to products, are incredibly practical and multifunctional, and most importantly, they are environmentally friendly, do not harm human health, food quality and the environment.


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