Delivery of aluminum containers to Krakow (Poland)

Food Foil Containers in Krakow

Disposable foil molds are clearly needed in Krakow, given the tourism potential of Krakow. Perhaps the most touristic city in all of Eastern Europe with many attractions, a castle in the city center and a pleasant climate. Street food, as it should be here on every corner, the need for food packaging in Krakow is as high as the tourist flow. The best food packaging, and most importantly environmentally friendly, can be considered aluminum foil, or rather aluminum foil containers in Krakow. They can be found in street food outlets, at fairs in all seasons, and in cafes and restaurants if you are taking away food. For an ordinary tourist, food packaging is not a problem at all, he needs food, and often no one pays any attention to packaging. But for the owner of a restaurant or cafe, food packaging is the most important element of his business. Aluminum foil containers in Krakow will be relevant as:

  • food packaging in the Stare Miasto area;
  • food packaging on Wawel Hill;
  • food packaging in the Klepazh area;
  • food packaging in the Kazimierz quarter.

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Wholesale aluminum containers in Krakow

The easiest way to buy aluminum containers in bulk in Krakow is StudioPack. If your business needs a significant amount of packaging such as aluminum foil containers for packaging at points of delivery of food or for the production of food semi-finished products, we advise you to look at the national Ukrainian manufacturer of such packaging - StudioPack company. We have been represented in Poland for a long time thanks to several partners, you can already find Ukrainian-made packaging on the market, but not yet so massively. Prices in Ukraine for such packaging are much lower than in Poland for similar items. Request an export price list for the entire range of aluminum containers right now.


The most popular aluminum molds in Copenhagen


(960 ml, 218x153x41 mm)

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(850 ml, 160x160x50 mm)

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(255 ml, 127x100x33 mm)

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Photos of aluminum containers

Below are the photos of aluminum containers produced by StudioPack. StudioPack is the No. 1 national manufacturer of food aluminum foil containers since 2006; it has all the necessary quality certificates for its products, including ISO. We can supply any volume for export to the countries of Eastern Europe, the countries of the former LIC and the European Union.


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