Delivery of aluminum containers to Minsk (Belarus)

Food foil containers in Minsk

Disposable foil forms in Minsk, as well as throughout Belarus, are gaining popularity. Following the example of European manufacturers, the Belarusian market is gradually abandoning plastic packaging and switching to more environmentally friendly and modern packaging made of aluminum foil. It is perfect not only for HORECA factories, but also for manufacturers of semi-finished products with a high degree of readiness and even frozen products. Of course, different types of products will require different packaging made of aluminum foil, for example, in the HORECA sector, classically disposable containers with a wall thickness of no more than 30 microns are popular. Smooth-walled trays with a wall thickness of 120-140 microns and a flat top rim are very popular among food manufacturers who need trays for sealing in Minsk. Aluminum foil packaging in Minsk will be an excellent solution as:

  • food packaging in the Central District of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Soviet district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Pervomaisky district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Partizansky district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Zavodskoy district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Leninsky district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Oktyabrsky district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Moskovsky district of Minsk;
  • food packaging in the Frunzensky district of Minsk.

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Wholesale aluminum containers in Minsk

It is not an easy task to buy aluminum containers in bulk in Minsk because there is no reliable national manufacturer of this type of packaging in Belarus. You need to look either at the EU market, or order from an eastern neighbor, including not the best quality Chinese products, or look in Ukraine. Fortunately, Ukraine has a reliable national-level manufacturer of aluminum foil containers, which is able to cover any needs of the entire Belarusian market - this is StduioPack. Our range includes not only classic food grade aluminum foil containers for HORECA enterprises, but also smooth-walled high-quality forms. In Belarus, we already have a partner and products have long been presented on the Minsk market, if we are talking about large batches for production with regular deliveries and you are not sure exactly what volumes you need, how the logistics will work and what the final prices will be, write to us now. without leaving this page.


The most popular aluminum molds in Minsk


(3100 ml, 319x259x50 mm)

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(520/320 ml, 225x180x30 mm)

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(2100 ml, 315x215x42 mm)

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Photos of aluminum containers

Below are the photos of aluminum containers produced by StudioPack. StudioPack is the No. 1 national manufacturer of food aluminum foil containers since 2006; it has all the necessary quality certificates for its products, including ISO. We can supply any volume for export to the countries of Eastern Europe, the countries of the former LIC and the European Union.


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