Delivery of aluminum containers to Paris (France)

Food foil containers in Paris

Disposable foil forms in Paris became popular not so long ago, but they have already become part of everyday life, all due to the fact that such food packaging is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a number of purely practical advantages. For example, let's look at the heat resistance advantage. Food in an aluminum container retains its freshness and warmth longer, cools down much more slowly and can still be warm even after an hour of slow delivery. This is not the most important and far from the main advantage of aluminum food packaging in Paris, but you must admit it is convenient. Given the tourist popularity of Paris, it is difficult to do without convenient packaging solutions for food, the most basic of which in the EU is now considered aluminum. Food packaging made of aluminum foil will be an excellent solution for:

  • food packaging in the Louvre district (I);
  • food packaging in the district of Burs (II);
  • food packaging in Temple County (III);
  • food packaging in the Hotel de Ville (IV);
  • food packaging in the Pantheon District (V);
  • food packaging in the Luxembourg District (VI);
  • food packaging in the Palais Bourbon District (VII);
  • food packaging in Eliza County (VIII).

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Wholesale aluminum containers in Paris

It is not difficult to buy aluminum containers in bulk in Paris, given the development of the EU market and the wide representation of analogues from China. But there are always a lot of questions about Chinese goods and it so happens that manufacturers of semi-finished products, based on the technological chain of packing finished products, Chinese containers cannot be used due to deformations associated with the use of a specific aluminum alloy or stiffeners located in the wrong places for a long time decided by European manufacturers. The production facilities of StudioPack are located in Eastern Europe, and the lines and raw materials are of European origin, so that StudioPack products can be more affordable on the European market at a price, but no less quality than their European counterparts. Based on these conclusions, it is best to order aluminum containers in Paris or any other city in France from Ukraine, despite the longer logistics.


The most popular aluminum molds in Paris


(2100 ml, 315x215x42 mm)

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(2000 ml, 255x185x53 mm)

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(255 ml, 127x100x33 mm)

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Photos of aluminum containers

Below are the photos of aluminum containers produced by StudioPack. StudioPack is the No. 1 national manufacturer of food aluminum foil containers since 2006; it has all the necessary quality certificates for its products, including ISO. We can supply any volume for export to the countries of Eastern Europe, the countries of the former LIC and the European Union.


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