Delivery of aluminum containers to Stockholm (Sweden)

Food foil containers in Stockholm

Disposable foil molds in Stockholm are the best solution for small cafes and buyers of the hotel and restaurant business. What is its peculiarity and why Europe is rapidly switching to this type of food packaging does not need to be explained to the inhabitants of Sweden. As a pioneer in the green economy, Sweden has long since not only switched to renewable resources, but also established a full recycling cycle to the point of being amusing as Sweden imports waste from neighboring Norway and Denmark for recycling. Aluminum is an excellent material that can be easily recycled and reused in the economy. It is used in many industries and has proven itself to be excellent in food applications. Aluminum has a number of properties that are indispensable in any kitchen, cooking in it is a pleasure, storing food in it is safe for food and human health, it is convenient to eat from it if there are no dishes nearby. Aluminum containers in Stockholm are the best solution as:

  • food packaging in Gamla Stan (Old Town);
  • food packaging in the Estermalm area;
  • food packaging in the Normalm area;
  • food packaging in the Kungsholmen area;
  • food packaging in the Södermalm area;
  • food packaging in the Djurgarden area;
  • food packaging in the Vasastan area.

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Wholesale aluminum containers in Stockholm

It is easy to buy aluminum containers in bulk in Stockholm. The European market is developed and it is not difficult to find any product on it, but if we are talking about wholesale purchases with regularity of deliveries depending on the capacity of food production? This question is already more complicated and the answer to it must be sought from the food packaging manufacturer. One of these is the Ukrainian company StudioPack, which has been producing high-quality food packaging for 12 years and covers the markets of Eastern Europe with its products. We have a dozen examples of cooperation with food industry manufacturers in our portfolio, for which we supply aluminum trays for sealing. The quality of StudioPack products has all documentary evidence and certificates, but this is best shown by a decade of work in the field of food packaging production. It is easy to order aluminum containers in Stockholm in an ideal price / quality ratio. Request an export price list for all products of our company right now, without leaving this page.


The most popular aluminum molds in Nur-Sultan (Astana)


(3100 ml, 319x259x50 mm)

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(135 ml, 90x38 mm)

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(520/320 ml, 225x180x30 mm)

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StudioPack product catalog


Photos of aluminum containers

Below are the photos of aluminum containers produced by StudioPack. StudioPack is the No. 1 national manufacturer of food aluminum foil containers since 2006; it has all the necessary quality certificates for its products, including ISO. We can supply any volume for export to the countries of Eastern Europe, the countries of the former LIC and the European Union.


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