Delivery of aluminum containers to Vienna (Austria)

Foil containers in Vienna

Food containers made of aluminum foil in Vienna, as one of the tourist centers of Europe, can be found more and more often. It's simple, street food and other tourist catering outlets are never idle, but the demand for food in the central districts of Vienna is huge. Recently, when the demand for safety and security in the world has increased, especially in Europe, attention has begun to pay attention to environmentally friendly food packaging. Oddly enough, one of the family, and perhaps the most massive, is a food grade aluminum foil package. Its advantages are undeniable, besides the well-known advantages in the field of aluminum safety for food, it can be added that aluminum containers are universal, in them food lives the full cycle of its life, starting from packing and ending with heating and absorbing food directly from this container. For which tourist areas of Vienna is StudioPack packaging ideal? For instance:

  • food packaging in the Inner City area;
  • food packaging in the Leopoldstadt area;
  • food packaging in the Landstrasse area;
  • food packaging in the Wieden area;
  • food packaging in the Margareten area;
  • food packaging in the Mariahilf area;
  • food packaging in the Neubau area;
  • food packaging in the Josefstadt area;
  • food packaging in the Alsergrund area;

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Wholesale aluminum containers in Vienna

It is best to buy aluminum containers in bulk in Vienna by ordering them in Ukraine. It would seem not entirely logical why in Ukraine? The answer lies on the surface, similar European-made products will cost more, even taking into account closer logistics, and supplies from China have now become expensive and unreliable. A Ukrainian manufacturer of containers made of food aluminum foil, StudioPack has all the necessary quality certificates for its products, and supplies to Europe have long been established and logistics are calculated in days. Request a price list for aluminum containers in Vienna right now, on this page you can easily contact the manager of our sales department and depending on the volume of production you require, the price can be revised and be very beneficial for the Austrian market.


The most popular aluminum molds in Vienna


(800 ml, 175x43 mm)

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(520/320 ml, 225x180x30 mm)

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(135 ml, 90x38 mm)

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Aluminum containers, or as they are also called aluminum molds, are the best packaging for HORECA, the best disposable utensils for baking and storing meals at home and the best packaging solution for manufacturers of chilled semi-finished and semi-finished products with a high degree of readiness. Food grade aluminum foil containers look beautiful, add value to products, are incredibly practical and multifunctional, and most importantly, they are environmentally friendly, do not harm human health, food quality and the environment.


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