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To improve the quality of services, we are forced to ask for certain personal data.

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  • Name, address and postal code: for the timely and proper delivery of your order.
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Personal Information

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On information" № 2657-XII dated 02/10/1992, LLC "Studiopak Ukraine Ltd" carries out the receipt, storage, use and dissemination of personal data Users of the Site in order to familiarize them with the new proposals by the company newsletter by e-mail Members.

When placing the order of goods on this site, you give llc "studiopak ukraine limited" consent to receiving, storage, use and dissemination of your personal information by any means not prohibited by law, in order to obtain the ordered products, the information about news and special offers, and as the transfer of your personal data by partner organizations.

The right granted for an indefinite period and may be revoked by you in writing.
LLC "Studiopak Ukraine Ltd" guarantees the protection of users' personal data.


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