Wrinkled trays


Wrinkled trays SP24Lb (100 pcs)

609.96 uah
430 ml.
40 mm.
145х120 mm.
109х84 mm.
130х105 mm.

The rectangular container with food-grade aluminum foil is coated with food-grade double-sided thermal varnish, the outer side is black, the inner side is silver. External varnish improves the aesthetic properties of the container, the inner coating increases the operational properties of the forms, namely: full corrosion resistance to any acidic and salty foods is ensured, the shelf life of the product is extended.

Container type Rectangular
Colour black
Scope in ml Over 500
Height in mm 40
Upper outer in mm 145х120
Bottom size in mm 109х84
Upper outer in mm 130х105
Quantity, pcs. In the box 2400

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