Cardboard plate not assembled (100 pcs)

0.00 грн 201.72 грн
480 мл.
45 мм.
200х120 мм.
125х70 мм.
Article: SPCК006.001

The plate is cardboard, laminated. In such a plate, it is convenient to put everything that tastes good quickly, when life is gaining momentum: a delicious hot dog, hot corn, or potatoes in the peasant style. SPCK001.001-00 is made of kraft cardboard - a material that is made from both primary and secondary raw materials. Packaging from it (hard, strong, resistant to moisture at a high level).

Branding. Full-color offset printing - from 5000 pieces; Screen printing - from 3000 pieces; Production according to individual sizes from 3000 thousand.

Type of delivery. Not assembled, for self-assembly.

  • Container type :
    Cardboard plate
  • Colour :
  • Scope in ml :
    Over 500
  • Size in mm :
  • Units per box in pcs. :