Wrinkled trays


Wrinkled trays T20L (150 pcs)

372.48 uah
135 ml.
38 mm.
90 mm.
57 mm.
78 mm.

Round containers T20L in volume of 135 ml are ideally suited for a batch of such now popular mafins, какейков, cakes. Perhaps this is their most popular use. Although some cooks respond that it is very convenient to cook portion julienes in them, various small open pies or pate. This container is also suitable as a packaging for sauces, dressings, spices, etc. Look, what is the original recipe for cooking eggs-kakot with the use of such forms we offer you below!

Container type Circle
Colour silver
Scope in ml Over 500
Height in mm 38
Upper outer in mm 90
Bottom size in mm 57
Upper outer in mm 78

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