LLC «Kyivmiskvtorresursy»

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LLC «City Waste Management Company»
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LLC «South Palmyra»

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PJSC «Interpipe Dnipropetrovsk Vtormet»
+38 (0562) 352-455


LLC «DV-Ekosvit»

+38 (032) 244-21-71


LLC «Vtorkolor-met-Zhytomyr»

+38 (0412) 33-10-3


All StudioPak products are recyclable. Aluminum foil containers, which are the main product of StudioPak, are currently almost the only food packaging that can be completely recycled. A significant part of this cycle is sorting. You need to get used to sorting garbage and understand that in the world we live in now, this is the same rule as cleaning your home. Thanks to waste sorting it is possible:

  • Reduce the area of landfills and their harmful effects on the environment;
  • Save up to 95% of non-renewable resources on the reproduction of secondary raw materials compared to the extraction of primary;
  • Reduce the use of renewable resources (eg forests);
  • Create an additional source of energy from incineration.

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